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More pix of passwords! These in AISB - the American International School of Bucharest, Romania. Chouette!
Passwords at AISB, Bucharest, Romania 3-14 (1).jpg Passwords at AISB, Bucharest, Romania 3-14.jpg

Thanks to my dear friend and beloved mentor, Dr. Helena Curtain (check out her excellent wiki here), below are some fun pix of my "passwords" collections from schools around the world! (you can download your own passwords posters on my site - they are available in Spanish, French,Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and English):

passwords @ Shekou International School, China.JPG
Chinese passwords at Shekou Internat'l School, China

passwords @ Shekou International School, China-2.JPG
Chinese passwords at Shekou Internat'l School, China

passwords in Indianapolis.JPG
Spanish passwords in Indianapolis

passwords-Lake Bluff, IL.JPG
Spanish passwords in Lake Bluff, IL

Thematic Curriculum Unit for beginning Mandarin Chinese students: "The Jianfengling Rainforest." The unit includes student worksheets, activities, realia, resources and 13 lesson plans. Students are exposed to vocabulary relating to the colors, nature, fruits and animals of Yunnan's tropical rainforest. Downloadthe unit in pdf format - and HAVE FUN!


I work in a k-5 Dual Language Program in Albany New York. I have been using materials that I purchased and/or downloaded from miscositas for a while now. I just wanted to share that I love the materials that I have used from miscositas. This year, I used Cuéntame: Folklore y fábulas with my 5th grade students and it was great:-) I continue using so many other resources that I purchased from you--Mi abuela ya no está with my 3rd graders, Tramposos famosos with my second graders and I start my kinder students off with the passwords perfectos which I copied and laminated and posted up. I could go on an on.... I find the materials are engaging, child friendly--which is important since I work with primary school aged students--and bring aspects of the diverse latino cultures to my students and serve as a wonderful springboard for discussion.

- Melanie Pores, mpores@nycap.rr.com
K-5 Spanish as a Second Language Teacher
Dual Language Program, Delaware Community School, City School District of Albany